Sunday, July 22, 2012 Review - Iwako Giraffe Eraser

A few weeks ago, (whom I adore, as a complete pen junkie), put out a call for reviewers of their products.  No one had to ask me twice, I signed up right away.  About two weeks ago, I received this:

Isn't he cute??  It's the Iwako Giraffe Eraser, part of the Iwako Zoo collection of animal erasers.  His head even turns.  I was skeptical that it would erase, but it did, while not even making a dent in his wee nose.

Iwako makes all kinds of novelty erasers - from an American Fast Food lunch collection (including the little tray to put them on), to a Sushi Bento Box!  They're very affordable (the Sushi Bento Box, which includes a little yellow box for the erasers, is $5.50 USD), and very well made.  These are not going to fall apart the minute the eraser touches a pencil mark.

I ran this Giraffe Eraser by my two nieces and nephew, because really, that seems the target audience for this kind of product.  Here were my responses:

Me:  "What do you think of this Giraffe Eraser?"

James (age 6):  "Cool, can I have it?"

Elizabeth (age 7):  "Ooooo, can I have it?"

Hellen (age 2):  "Me want."

There you have it folks - perfect for kids and for adults who like Kawaii stuff.  

I honestly can't recommend enough.  I ordered a set of Gelly Roll Stardust pens from them, as well as a bunch of Pentel Metallic Sunburst pens, and not only was it affordable, but they shipped right away, and the pens are a dream to use on my art journal pages (they write well on acrylic paint!).  They stock pens that are hard to get and fun to use (like the infamous Uniball Signo White Gel pen - the one made in Japan, not the one made in the US, that seems to work better and last longer).  Plus, it's just fun to go shopping on their site - pages and pages of pens to consider and ponder and lust after.  

If you're interested in learning more about specific pens for art journaling (most sold at, then I recommend Kelly Kilmer's post, here:  She's been art journaling for many years, and has done the testing for you when it comes to pens that work.


Julie said...

Hi Kristina! You won my July sweepstakes...$40 was emailed to you a few days ago...hope you received it! Thanks for reading my blog. Julie :)

Kristina W said...

Hi Julie!! I emailed you via your form from your website the minute I received the email - did you not get it? Thank you so much!! I'm excited to go shopping!